Website maintenance

You’re getting your car checked and cleaned regularly, why do you forget to do this with your website?

We all know how important it is to keep software updated, and how often updates to apps are released. It is exactly the same in the world of websites and servers. Everybody with an online presence needs to check if everything is OK with their site every now and then, update and secure it. That’s why maintenance is so important, but what is it actually?

What is website maintenance?

Website maintenance is a periodic check for issues and errors as well as keeping things updated, secure and relevant. It is advised to perform regular check-ups to keep the website in good standing, strengthen Google rankings and attract more user visits.

For small websites maintenance consists mainly of keeping them updated and secure because of risk of hacking. Of course, the tasks that professional technicians perform are far more sophisticated than this. But what you need to know is, that you’re essentially buying an “insurance package” against anything unexpected.

For a recurring fee that’s a fraction of the price should you hire a private contractor you’re getting every bit checked and kept under control.

WordPress maintenance

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System worldwide. This makes it a great platform for all kinds of blogs, company websites, shops and more. Unfortunately it also makes it a popular target for hackers.

The extensible architecture of WordPress makes it easy to customize and modify the behaviour of your website, but the more plugins you install the more there is to take care of. Every plugin comes from a different developer and some of the free ones tend not to be updated promptly.

WordPress maintenance is a necessary service that you need to ensure smooth operation of your website.

Maintenance cost

Maintenance tasks are quite standard, but they take longer and encompass more depending on the complexity, average number of unique users and how your website is built. Simply put, costs raise when you are more successful, but their a fraction of the profits you will generate.

Every case is different, but there are some common factors influencing mainenance costs:

  1. Site’s unique monthly users
  2. Platform on which it is built
  3. Complexity and types of custom modifications, plugins, themes etc.
  4. Major updates frequency eg. WordPress usually releases 3 major updates yearly, but other platforms have their own schedule
  5. Underlining technology, PHP is more common and therefore cheaper to maintain than ASP
  6. External factors like deprecation of certain systems and technologies
  7. Security events eg. requiring malware removal

Website maintenance packages

Taking into account all of the above, it’s almost impossible to set price-points that suit every website on the Internet. For customers that need a set commitment we’ve provided a number of usage-based packages.

Based on our experience small business owners have similar needs in terms of website maintenance, below you can find our proposition that’s priced at a flat rate of $100/hr:

  1. 5 man-hours - enough for most small business owners with up to 5 thousand unique users monthly
  2. 10 man-hours - enough for a larger enterprise with up to 15 thousand unique users monthly
  3. 20 man-hours - enough for most websites that aren’t specialized marketplaces or don’t count users in hundreds of thousands

Of course the options above aren’t exhaustive and we’d be happy to accommodate any size business. Reach out for a custom quote on your website.